YANJINTM Technology provides high quality key monomers for the synthesis of frontier polymeric materials across a broad range of application fields including high performance plastics, proton exchange membrane (PEM) or anion exchange membrane (AEM) fuel cells (FC), micro/ultrafiltration (MF/UF) water treatment, nanofiltration (NF) separation, reverse osmosis (RO) desalination, hem dialysis (HD), and permanent anti‐electrostatics additives (PAEA).

YANJINTM water soluble monomers (UnimerTM-S) possess the highest quality in the market, which could be polymerized directly without any further purification. The hydrophillicity, crucial to ion conductance (PEM or AEMFC), water permeability (MF, UF, NF, RO, and HD), biocompatibility (HD), and charge transmittance (PAEA), is facile to be accurately and quantitatively introduced to the desired material skeleton, without impacting the original performance of the material.

YANJINTM high quality polymers cover an extensive spectrum of material categories. High molecular weight and narrow distribution together with accurate and systematic control of ion contents and location provide diverse choices for the material science research and commercialization.

YANJINTM can provide custom chemical synthesis and conduct contract research with high quality and on-time delivery. YANJINTM Technology owns many efficient synthetic techniques suitable for the production of a series of high performance polymeric materials, especially for uncommon application purposes. We are fully open to collaborate with the scientists from all over the world to discover more together.